Discuss the concept of civil society invented for good reason?

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1. The concept of crisis, being threatened, arouses people’s doubts about certain things.
2. Part of the emergence of collective self-concept is based on political authority
3. On the surface, it is for non political purposes, although it may have some meaning for politics, even for democracy
4. Czechoslovakia, independent of the state, the source of lifestyle balance, authoritarian state
5. A relatively autonomous social organization is a field that can be organized independently of the state
6. Obviously, in a revolutionary situation, it is very important to arouse some kind of social collective power, which can challenge those countries that can challenge the existing order. These are not simply derivative orders, and their problems are related to the nature of state relations
7. This is also a question about the relationship between civil society and the market, as a check and balance between economic power and capital concentration
8. European civil society, which expresses itself through negotiation rather than election, is a way for transnational institutions to seek some face of legitimacy
1. In the post democratic era, the concept of crisis, some things that need self-protection, the concept of ups and downs, almost plain things, the concept of different contexts, the way to calculate the ultra vires, as an anti market concept. A way of thinking about resisting communism.
2. In a time when one no longer believes in reform communism, keeping a distance from China and resisting the material basis of communism is a way of thinking about the address. The view of civil society in Eastern Europe is only a phenomenon in the West.
3. The concept of civil society, which is attracted by many people from different angles, creates a certain kind of society and can oppose political power. Communitarianism and conservatism have been popularized in the United States in the 1990s. To revitalize American democracy, we need a stronger civil society. This is a sign of a civil society with different views
4. The habit of association is obvious, they participate because they have the habit of participation, because thought is about participating in one or another form of connection with life.
5. Truly regard it as a field of activity, the expression of status distortion and conflict caused by civil society, the concept of ups and downs, not only to fully explain the reasons of the state by suppressing the anxiety of the contemporary and mobilizing the category of opposition, as a balance to the Communist country, the concept of social separation is unchanged
6. The expansion of Eastern Europe, the opportunity for economic and political liberalization, the suppression of the Soviet Union, the antagonism between people, an independent state power, the efforts of communism and the maintenance of discipline to resist the regime. The concept of anti crisis is a way to conceive against something, against a state of crisis.
7. Citing the civil society of some countries, as a conception, a social way that goes beyond the state, and something that needs to go beyond the national constitution is to meet the final bill. The test of the consequences is primarily carried out in the spirit of social conscience, and these people do not get real rights, The field of truth they seek is not even all political thoughts. Trying to carry out rectification and reform is not the cause of social reawakening, but the result of our reawakening.
8. It’s not just an anti concept. It’s against some kind of market of neoliberalism, the concept of power and the state
9. Civil society is being called upon as a potential way to solve some kind of loss
10. The main problems of contemporary democratic politics in civil society are weakness, social connection and individuation
12. To weaken the welfare state, it is better to combine the welfare state and civil society to think and disappear in the welfare state
13. To move towards critical reform, a strong civil society can only take over. From the perspective of welfare state, this country may be said to be a deprived country, citing the famous definition of overlap and market
14. Civil society shows the virtue of individuals to do something that they don’t have to do. This is different from the self-organization field of the state. Let us understand our mission. Civil society can afford it, otherwise it may be the minimum democracy.
15. In civil society, a kind of thing separated from the system must call for a kind of separation, be responsible for other things and be connected with other things where the legalization of those systems is pursued.
16 / to solve the lack of evolution, civil society creates a revolution. If we are not fully globalized, civil society will face a challenge. What should we do to cope with the austerity program and finally enter into some necessary civil society? The answer is how to make the minimum stacixte work in any other form.

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