Discuss copyright law Amendments in Africa : A comparative study of fair use provisions.

The research is about fair use in african countries we will study three countries( tunisia nigeria south africa ), BUT NOT exclusively, and compare them to prove the point that the fair use copyright laws in the african continent are in need of amendements OR NOT to catch up with international standards .
the methodology is qualitative-comparative
-The overarching goal of my research
endeavors is to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing discourse on copyright
law ( fair use ) using data of few different countries to prove the point on large scale ( contient ) ( note that copyright law is very broad , we will talk about copyright law in general but we go niche and focus on fair use in copyright law). (this point is very important )
-Identifying key challenges and
opportunities in the current copyright law landscape within our respective
countries. ( can talk in general about copyright law then about fair use in their copyright law )
exploring innovative approaches to
copyright regulation that balances the interests of creators, users, and the
public interest.
-Providing evidence-based
recommendations for legislative amendments and policy interventions that foster
creativity, innovation, and cultural expression while safeguarding the rights
of creators and promoting access to knowledge.
Research Main questions to answer :
1 – does the current
copyright law of Tunisia ( nigeria and south africa) perfectly balances the interest of right holder and
the public? Why?
2 – Which part of copyright law
needs to be amended to keep pace with the change of technology, economic
development, business environment, and the international standards?
3 – Besides the current fair use
clause, what kind of actions should be exempted from copyright infringement?
4- what are the biggest
challenges copyright laws faces in Tunisia ( nigeria – south africa ) and why its not as commonly known by
the public?
5- what are solutions and amendement suggestions
NOTE : these questions have been asked to professionals and i will provide their answers as data , i did interviews ( recorded ) and we will use them as data also these questions have been posted on multiple platforms for answers Plus you have to do your own research and find more data online

We will do this in multiple steps:
The first step is the body of the research paper, the structure, and the planning. i want a detailed table of content clear structure and a plan section by section. i will add a paper i worked on but please rewrite the whole paper professionaly i got a lot of comments about the structure, and most professors don’t like the structure i did , as a professional like yourself , please help me create a perfect structure first.

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