Discuss 5 external academic documents that you have researched and consider relevant.

Research Paper
Topic: Happiness in Difficult Times
Background. In every film we are watching this semester, characters are going through difficulties. At the center of drama is conflict of some form, so it is natural that as we watch films, whether dramatic or comedic, there are problems. While most are not of the severe nature Precious experienced, they still are not easy, and require some transformation or understanding to transcend. And they do at the end.

Assignment. Write a 5 page essay about happiness while dealing with a specific problem, for example loss of a loved one, illness, loss of a job, poverty, depression, etc.

(1) Discuss 5 films from the semester's assigned films. Analyze the characters, their circumstances, and how they transcended their difficulties to achieve happiness. Do not do plot summary, since we all know what happens in these films. Focus on going deeper into what happens and the significance for the topic.
(2) Discuss relevant course documents (not Notes or Films). There is no set number for relevant course documents, whatever you feel connects with your subject and helps develop it.
(3) Discuss 5 external academic documents that you have researched and consider relevant. Again, the emphasis is on academic material. This is the meat and potatoes of your paper, material outside the course, of a more specific nature that relates to your paper. Focus on academic research. Use the Lehman virtual library for good databases, such as Academic Search Premier. You can use Google Scholar (but be careful many of the source ask for money).
The paper should be in MLA format with a Works Cited section that is also in MLA format. Make sure that the paper has internal documentation for all sources (see MLA sample).


The thesis that i uses was this one if you want to use