Develop interview questions to be used in hiring this manager

You are charged with hiring a manager for a fast-food restaurant. The operations within the store are highly standardized, and employees have very specific job descriptions. The person will be in charge of managing around thirty employees. There is a high degree of turnover among employees so retention will be an important priority. Most employees who work in the restaurant are young with low levels of work experience and few of them view the restaurant business as a full time career. The atmosphere in the restaurant has a fast pace. In this company, managers are often promoted from within and this position is an exception. Therefore, the incoming manager may not receive a warm welcome from employees who were passed over for a promotion and their colleagues. Finally, the position power of the manager will be somewhat limited because employees are unionized. Therefore, the manager will have limited opportunities for distributing pay raises or bonuses.

Please Answer the Following 3 Questions
Identify the leadership traits and behaviors that are desirable for this position.
Design an approach to selecting this person. Which methods of employee selection would you use? Why?
Develop interview questions to be used in hiring this manager. Your questions should be aimed at predicting the leadership capabilities of the person in question.

Please submit your responses in a word document on UB Learns (be sure to label each response with the corresponding question number). Please use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 margins around. Excluding the prompt, your paper should be approximately half a page to one page long.