Develop a case study on Sensory Function.

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Do case study on ***acute Otis media***
Develop a case study on any topic within Chapter 14: Sensory Function. You will research, design, and present the case as if you were presenting it to a group of healthcare professionals.
Dress professionally and record yourself using Canvas Studio. (Practice makes perfect!)
Upload the video.
Ten (10) Bonus Points Available: Develop your case around a special population client. Include diversity/equity/inclusion (DEI) information in your plan and cite at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference regarding the cultural/statistical/DEI information provided on this client. Feel free to contact your course instructor for any questions.

add DEI info

General Guidelines:

Patient initials, age, race, gender.

Chief complaint (subjective)

History of Present Illness (subjective)

Review of pertinent systems (subjective)

Past Medical, Surgical, and Social History; any major surgeries. Allergies and Medications. Sexual history if relevant to the chief complaint.

Vital Signs (objective)

Pertinent physical exam findings (objective) – be specific

Labs or diagnostic test results – pertinent data which will guide the diagnosis