Description of Procedure or service: Xifaxan

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Subject: Research Writing

How’re you doing? For this order, What i need you to do is first look over the File that I’ve shared with you which is titled “Example of Expovio”. Once you have read through that document, I need you to do the same exact thing BUT for a different drug. The drug is called Xifaxan. I need you to replace the information you see in the document I’ve shared with you with the information for the drug Xifaxan. Basically I want you to provide the same exact information for the drug xifanax just as you see it being covered for Expovio. Please read the file closely and carefully so you know what information has been provided about the drug Expovio, becuase you will be expected to provide those exact information for the drug Xifaxan. I will be looking forward to your work! Also please be sure to include references!