Describe the statistical analyses you ran on the data.

1. Please create an abstract for this paper. I’ve attached a draft of my capstone paper so you can include everything in the abstract.

2. Results: Please review the data and write an essay about the SAMPLE DESCRIPTIVES & DATA ANALYSIS. (see files) Please make sure that the paper is in sections for each data result. What is a results section? What makes a good results section? The results objectively present the data or information that you gathered through your project. The narrative that you write here will point readers to your figures and tables that present your relevant data. A good results section is not the same as the discussion. Present the facts in the results, saving the interpretation for the discussion section. The results section should be written in past tense.

Make figures and tables clearly labelled and easy to read. If you include a figure or table, explain it in the results section.
Present representative data rather than endlessly repetitive data.
Discuss variables only if they had an effect (positive or negative)
Use meaningful statistics.
Describe the statistical analyses you ran on the data.

3. Discussion – What is a discussion section? What makes a good discussion section? The discussion section is the answer to the question(s) you posted in the introduction section. It is where you interpret your results. You have a lot of flexibility in this section. In addition to your main findings or conclusions, consider:
Limitations and strengths of your project.
Directions for future research.

A good discussion section should read very differently than the results section. The discussion is where you interpret the project as a whole.
Present principles, relationships and generalizations shown by the results.
Discuss the significance or importance of the results.
Discuss the theoretical implications of your work as well as practical applications
Show how your results agree or disagree with previously published works.

4. Recommendation – please review the faculty resource document (see files) and provide some recommendations from there. Another option is to look at what other schools us doing and provide it in this section. Lastly – how would someone following my research? Please also provide this information.

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