Describe the pathophysiologic manifestations of the disease(s).

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Subject: Research Writing

Describe the pathophysiologic manifestations of the disease(s).
Identify and select appropriate interventions including diagnostic tests and nursing interventions.
Analyze physiological and psychological responses to illness and treatment modalities
Purpose: Examine case studies related to endocrine system and answer the assigned questions.
b. Describe the pathophysiologic explanation(s) to support your diagnosis and the clinical symptoms presented.

c. List the test(s) you would perform to confirm your diagnosis, the rationale for each test ordered, and the results you would expect if your diagnosis is correct.

d. Describe your recommended treatment(s) and the rationale to support your recommendation(s).

b. Describe the pathophysiologic processes related to your diagnosis that explain the signs/symptoms, and lab results obtained.

c. State the effect of his symptoms on his life expectancy and the rationale for your answer.