Describe how you plan to set the company up for future success; include specifics and any Operational Excellence tools to be used.

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Assignment: Six Sigma Project Proposal
Due: Sunday, midnight of Week 10 (40% of course grade)
You will be given an opportunity to help a (fictitious) company that has been struggling with quality issues related to the production and delivery of its products. Senior management has determined they need to seek external expertise to help them identify the source(s) of the problem(s) and develop a quality improvement plan. The company published a Request for Proposal (RFP), and you have decided to respond to the RFP with an outline of how you would design and manage a Six Sigma project to improve quality.

You will be provided with a document containing an overview of the company’s history and its quality
challenges that will include the RFP. This information is important in guiding you to where you should focus your efforts. Using what you have learned, you will prepare your proposal for senior management focusing on the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control phases of a Six Sigma project in which you will describe the specific tasks you will undertake to complete the steps of the LSS DMAIC Road Map as described in the LSS Handbook in How to Manage Lean Six Sigma Projects by Dr. Richard Chua.

To win the contract, your proposal must demonstrate your expertise, but it must also be clear and
accessible so that it is understandable by non-experts. To do this, you must provide sufficient focus on technical elements while telling a compelling story about how you will partner with the client to improve quality. Your proposal should highlight how you plan to execute the steps outlined in the LSS DMAIC Road Map, including the types of data, tools, and techniques to be used and how you plan to use them. Remember that a good proposal is more than just a summary of what you will do. It must include why the steps you propose are important and how they will support the success of the project.

Submit your proposal in Word.
1. Present the problem, goal, and scope statements of the project.
2. Provide operational definitions for quality, defects, and key metrics.
3. Include details how you plan to execute (organizationally and technically) the steps of the
DMAIC Road Map – including what data is needed and how data will be collected and analyzed,
tools to be used, locations, and how key stakeholders are involved – for the Define, Measure,
Analyze, Improve and Control phases.
4. Describe how you plan to set the company up for future success; include specifics and any
Operational Excellence tools to be used.
5. Your proposal must clearly present your plan and tell a story. While this is a “technical” proposal
delivered to senior management, you should assume that not everyone reading it will have a
background in the tools of statistics or a Six Sigma project.
JWI 554: Delivering Quality
Six Sigma Project Proposal

Submission Requirements
• Your work is to be submitted in Word.
• Total length should be 6 to 7 pages (not including cover page and references page).
• Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name,
the course title, and the date.
• Include a references page at the end documenting sources and in-text citations.
• Use double-spaced , professional font (Times New Roman or Ariel), 10-12 font size.
• Include headings to identify main topics and subtopics.
• Separate paragraphs by a single space