Death of a Salesman / Willy Loman

Words: 14
Pages: 1
Subject: Research Writing

Worth 30% of the final grade! You can and should try to use quotes and references from the novel, death of a saleman.

Essay topic / question:
Does Willy Loman recognize his true nature in Death of a Salesman? Does he have moments of partial recognition? On balance can he be said to have gained in wisdom during his fall?

– Length 5 pages maximum (4-5 page is optimum 3 pages is too short)
– Standard font size (11-12 point) and standard margins
– Double spaced
– The thesis should directly address the question
– Paragraphs Intro, Conclusion 2-3 body paragraphs suggested.
– Format quotations according to MLA.
– All the usual MLA requirements.
– Do not use I, you, or we, in your response.
– Any cutting and pasting from web sites will either seriously detract from the assignment mark or your overall mark in the course. Also you may be asked to rewrite it.