cultural experience


1. Choose a film, play or television show that you believe represents your particular cultural experience. You may base this choice on ethnic, cultural, national or religious background, sexual orientation, gender, etc.
2. Explain what the work gets right about communication between the characters and anything that it gets wrong.
3. Is it an accurate depiction or does it weigh on stereotypes?
4. Use examples of your knowledge of the culture and communication competence to support your position.
5. Write a 3-4 page essay that summarizes your cultural perspective of the film, play, or television show that you chose.

If, for any reason, you are not comfortable discussing your personal cultural background, then choose a work that you believe represents a different cultural perspective.
Explain what the work says about that cultural. Is it accurate? Is it done well? Does it challenge stereotypes or reinforce them? Use specific examplcixes to support your position.

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