Contracts and Conduct Invalidating the Element of Assent/Chapter 11

2. Read the following cases:

A. International Underwater Contractors, Inc. v. New England Telephone and Telegraph Company

B. Johnson v. International Business Machines Corporation

C. Reed v. King

D. Vokes v. Arthur Murray Inc.

3. Answer the following questions for each case: You may have different cases than the ones listed below, if you have an earlier or later edition of our textbook. If this is so, then let me know which edition of the book you have and list 5 of the cases and review them::

What are the important facts of the case?
What did the court say about the case?
What is the legal concept from the chapter discussed in the case?
How does the court apply the legal concept to the facts of the case?
What was reason the coucixrt gave for its decision?

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