Concert report

Week 3 Assignment Music Study Essay
This assignment requires you to write a detailed comparison of any two listening selections
found in the textbook. One of the listening selections you choose must be a piece that was not
assigned in the class.
Your music study should cover the following, in full sentences:
(1) the full titles of the pieces;
(2) authors and their cultures (or nationalities);
(3) the years (or approximate time) when the pieces were created.
Compare: Juxtapose the two pieces using these criteria:
harmony (if mentioned in the text book)
text (if any)
the underlying meaning and/or social function of both pieces
discuss whether the pieces’ character; sacred or secular orientation? Both?
Evaluate: What do you perceive to be the strengths or weaknesses in each piece from an
aesthetic point of view? This will involve subjective judgment on your part, but please
use examples to support your opinions.
o Requirements:
Minimum 500 words (two pages)
MLA Style, 12-point type, double-space
Due at midnight Sunday.
o Grading:
The music study is worth 100 points and 10% of your course grade.
You can view the grading rubric on the submission page for the
assignment; click on the link below or find it in the Course Resources