Collective bargaining – HR

Take a moment to reflect on your personal bias regarding the use of a collective bargaining agreement and what impact it may have on you in your current position. Would you be interested in working in a union environment? Would you be supportive of a union coming into your working environment? Would you be supportive of removing a union from your working environment? Why or why not? Carefully form your own viewpoint regarding unions.

Now ask yourself these same questions from the viewpoint of a leader, manager, and union in the education or training industry. Ponder the challenges that you may be faced within a leadership role or as a member of a union if you are operating in a collective bargaining environment.

Post a discussion of your opinion when you looked at it from a management angle versus your own opinion. Answer the following questions:

Were they the same?
What challenges did you discover?
How did your viewpoints differ from those of classmates?
In what direction do you think the collective bargaining approach is moving from the standpoint of the profession in which you work? What makes you think that?

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