Circular Economy in Yachting Industry

Research Motives:
Taiwan is very well-known for pleasure yacht building, 99.9% are exported worldwide, it has earned Yacht Kingdom nickname.
Sustainable Operation in Taiwan Yachting industry is only linear economy so far, what needs to be involved to convert linear economy to circular economy ?

Research Gaps to be filled :
After those 99.9% boats got exported worldwide, what’s left at the shipyard for circular economic? how about those moulds?
There is no literature discussion about hull moulds or deck moulds.
This research is to study how yacht builders deal with those moulds before and in 21 century, if possible to be part of circular economic with recycle, reuse and remanufacture in reverse logistic loop.

Research Contribution
Theoretical : Circular Economy possibility in manufacturing country
Practical : Value added in the yachting industry

Research Limitations
There is no government mandating information and standardization procedures
The high costs that prohibit the uptake of reused and remanufactured components