Church Committee Findings: Intelligence Agencies and Their Abuses of Power

Words: 491
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

Time Period: Late 1970s

Thesis: The findings of the Church Committee show that the lack of regulation of the CIA and FBI resulted in breaches of privacy of the people in the US (domestically) as well as the privacy of nations outside of the US (internationally). If it wasn’t for the legacy of former Senator Frank Church and his views, we wouldn’t have the security regulations we have today; and government agencies such as the CIA would continue to abuse their power.

Task: Write an analysis paper highlighting the findings of the Church Committee and create an opinion/analysis based on the excerpts of the sources used in the paper. Some important points to highlight are the findings on assassination attempts, as well as the attempt to influence the outcome of Chile’s elections. An emphasis on that the paper should not be a summary of the sources, but rather a reaction/opinion/analysis to them. Thank you! Sources will be provided in the files. Please use intext citations with the page number!

Source 1 (Article):

Source 2 (PDF Below): Fighting the Odds by Ashby and Gramer (pages 468-501, 522-528)

Source 3 (PDF Below): 94Chile