Choose a leader to analyze according to era, theories, and followers. Obtain my approval here.

Choice of Leader for Final Presentation

Choose a leader to analyze according to era, theories, and followers. Obtain my approval here.
Make sure that the individual is regarded as a leader by others, too.
Consider that heroes, athletes, musicians, coaches, actors, and other people who are merely good at what they do and famous, are not likely to be leaders except to those who are especially enamored with them. Fame is not leadership. Leaders lead other people to willingly do things, to accomplish a purpose (other than winning a game or starring in a movie).
Business leaders and CEOs are not leaders in the same way a public figure is. The goal of a business leader is to make money, gain a reputation for him or herself and the enterprise, and answer to shareholders. They may be idolized, but since they have complete control over people and tasks, they do not have to persuade people to follow them or willingly do what they want them to. They can reward people and they can fire people. They should be exemplary managers, but they are not necessarily leaders.

This is the assignment due Week 7:
Choose someone you think of as a leader. Write a brief paragraph that introduces the person to readers and another that describes the era.
Then explain the person as a leader using any six leadership theories. For example, lets say you want to explore leadership theories using Barack Obama as a leader. First, give a brief, one paragraph, biography of his time as a leader. Then explain how his leadership could be explained using, for example, Great Man, Trait, Behavioral, Situational, Transformational, and Servant leadership theories. Use any events you wish in which you can apply the theories, for instance, a speech, a decision, an event, a practice, or anything that you can defend as a good example of that kind of leadership. You will create a presentation to the class on this portion in Week 7 that demonstrates you can apply theories to explain behaviors and attitudes of leaders.
Prepare a narrated slide presentation in any application you wish (just try to avoid narrating each slide separately in powerpoint). Limit your presentation to 12 slides, and 7 minutes at the longest. Include images. Be sure to offer a conclusion to your presentation and references.