Chapter on Civil Liberties Current Event

For the chapter on Civil Liberties current event, please review pages 112 – 115. Once you do that, research a recent news article from within the last 6 months that addresses the your right to privacy. Download a copy of the current event template (provided below) and answer all 4 questions. For question one, paste the URL of the news article you found from the internet. For question 2 , write a 250 word summary of your news article. Quoted text will not count towards the 250 word minimum. Question three you will need to summarize your opinion if individuals in this country have a right to privacy based on the Constitution. Please provide specific details to support your opinion. For question 4, you are to write a one or two sentence critical thinking question related to the article you just read. What unanswered questions did you find in the article? This question can be related to the subject of the article (such as the President or Governor) or the journalist who wrote the article (biased view point).

To download the current event template: Click Here Download Click HerePreview the document