What is our responsibility to the natural environment

Topic: Throughout history we have tried to conquer the wilderness, tame the jungles, and master the elements, and we are still trying to conquer space. But are nature and humankind necessarily in conflict? We created civilization to protect us from the undesirable features of the outdoors and, to some degree, from harm. But now our … Read more

Identify the theme that links the two pieces and articulate the central idea developed in each text.

Your Task: Closely read the pair of texts provided and write a well-developed, text-based response of at least three pages (700-900 words). In your response, first identify the theme, or central idea, related to Voices of Protest that links the two texts. Analyze how each author uses a variety of writing strategies to develop that … Read more

Little Albert

Identifying Scientific Methods in Historical Psychology Research For this Assignment, you will watch all five of the historical research videos (listed below), and then select one video to identify basic scientific methods used in psychology. Once you have selected your study (video), complete the Unit 2 Assignment Template (located in Course Documents), which will guide … Read more

Sickle Cell Anemia and Malaria

Sickle Cell Anemia and Malaria: A Mutation Story As you have learned, genetic variation and natural selection are significant drivers of the evolution of living things. In this weeks discussion, you will explore sickle cell anemia, a genetic disease, and the infectious parasitic disease, malaria. Review at least one of the following resources: Pleasants, S. … Read more

Why do you think scientists measured spleen size? Based on the reading, what role do you think the spleen plays in an individuals ability to dive?

Please address each question and submit the completed worksheet to the Unit 2 Assignment Dropbox when completed. Part I: Humans are the only mammals to have lived in the most extreme environments from remote islands, to deserts, and high mountains. For over 1,000 years the Bajau people, often referred to as sea nomads, have lived … Read more

corporate criminal liability in Mauritius

it is a chapter of a dissertation. i have already segregate the sub parts of this chapter. it should be written accordingly as follows below. the format is already given. also please refer to the situation in mauritius. make use of appropriate and relevant case law. also landmark uk cases can be used. make reference … Read more

Migrants and Migration

Mention important details for accepting my application for a PhD. The theme is: Socio-economic difficulties and immigration barriers after Brexit for Portuguese in the UK: trends, gaps and suggestions. If you want to change to a better theme, change it but it has to be related to Portuguese immigrants in the UK. Application peculiarities Interest … Read more

Did nationalism exist before the nation state? Answer with reference to AT LEAST TWO societies.

Oxford referencing (with footnotes) required please. This should focus on the medieval period, using England and Wales as exampled of societies with one other (eg Norman) Suggested sources: Davies, R.R., Nations and National Identities in the Medieval World: An Apologia , Revue Belge dhistoire contemporaine, 34 (2004), 567-79. Geary, P., in The myth of nations: … Read more