Case Study Paper: Technology adoption in troubled times

In General the rubric states to investigate the firm’s problem(s) as they relate to information systems and prepare a paper. In the PDF case study, there are a lot of problems that are symptoms but we must fill the root of the problem. The teacher said “a single declarative or compound sentence of the root problem”. I think this section might not be a long answer but maybe short..? That is for the problem statement section.
She gave example I will share,” if a storm came and water was streaming down the walls and into the house from the leaking roof, then the streaming water was the symptom and the root problem was the roof leaking.

For the analysis section, apply the model we learned from class. I will add a book on this that will help. In general we learned about Michael Porter models, information systems security triangle, etc. The book will be the last attachment.

The Appendices teacher said it is just the References list not to write Appendices.

Additionally, teacher said to always support the positions or thoughts with references. Use APA 7th, and wikipedia and other sources are not to be used. Must be journal articles, periodicals, such as WSJ, business week and the list is in direction pt .2 file

Here is something on APA 7th.
(She gave us, so I gave you. I am sure you don’t need it).

Last thing, she said this would be one of the references in the list..

Drum, D., Becker, D. A. A., & Fish, M. (2013). Technology adoption in troubled times: a cloud computing case study. Journal of Cases on Information Technology, 15(2), 57+. URL Link (Links to an external site.).

Also, i found a sample of this paper on course hero, if you want I can send for ideas.
However, the teacher will be using a plagiarism checker so we have to be careful.

Thank you for your help.

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