Case Study: Flipping the Switch

Words: 271
Pages: 1
Subject: Research Writing

*Analyze and evaluate the major points of your assigned case study for research utilizing the 7 PRINCIPLES OF MISSION COMMAND.

*You are required to give an in-depth introduction of your topic. Then develop the body of the paper fully using not less than 3 FULL pages. Ensure you use Times New Roman 12-point font and the current APA Writing Style. No abstract is required. THIS IS APA STYLE STUDENTS (NO PROFESSIONAL).

*Flipping the Switch is the Chapter 3 of the Book “Vanguard of Valor”. Here is the link:

*Once you do the introduction, continue the Case Study of the chapter using the 7 principles of mission command: competence, trust, shared understanding, mission orders, commander’s intent, disciplined initiative, and risk acceptance. Here is an example (I would probably use 7 subtitles to cover each):