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Case Study
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Because school counselors do not diagnose students, provide your diagnostic impression instead of the student in the case study below. Use the DSM-5 to gain an understanding of the case study and answer the questions that follow.

Case Study

Jasmin is an 8-year-old, Latina girl in the second grade. She lives with her parents and younger brother, and her mother describes her as a handful, but very sweet. Jasmin had to repeat second grade due to behavioral issues in class, which also resulted in lower test scores and poor grades. She is a popular child among her peers, but she continually struggles with her teacher to follow directions, stay on task, and remain seated. Jasmins teacher has consulted with her kindergarten and first-grade teachers and does not think that Jasmin has communication issues or a specific learning disorder because she performs above grade-level expectations in small group or with one-on-one attention. In a large classroom situation, she is in constant motion, shouts when she should be talking quietly, and is easily distracted, which prevents her from meeting expectations. Most recently, Jasmin was referred to the school counselor after she broke the classroom fish tank during a silent reading activity. I was just trying to feed Flipper, she explained.

What is your diagnostic impression of the student presented in this case. Discuss how you came to this diagnostic impression.
What areas of the case study stood out for you?
Which diagnoses were considered but ruled out? What additional information would have been helpful in examining this case?