Business Law Analysis pt 1

Please add running head and can use as many sources

By developing a mastery of the basic concepts of business law, individuals are better equipped to navigate the business and legal complexities inherent in the day-to-day operations of a company. Competency in the ability to verbalize concepts and contribute to the overall strategic direction of the company will enhance the employees perceived value. Equipped with this foundational knowledge, the professional has additional tools that can contribute to greater confidence, initiative, and leadership abilities. You will select a case to analyze by critiquing the companys response, identifying the legal issues, and recommending a business strategy for transforming the organizations culture and decision-making process

Select and analyze one of the two following cases: (giving options)

-U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: HomeStreet, Inc. ( – locate and select the link: HomeStreet, Inc. and Darrell Van Amen

-U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: International Game Technology ( locate and select the link: International Game Technology

Extract the legal principles from the fact pattern by explaining the following elements, including:
Legal principles discovered by considering the following list:
Type and nature of the criminal act
Corporate culture and corporate responsibility
Whistleblower law provisions (formalized policy provisions)
Complaint(s) against the party submitted to an external agency
Critique the actions or inactions by the company that are pertinent to the decision to seek protection under the Whistleblower law
How did the company process the offending information internally?
Did the employee go through the suggested process of reporting the offending information?
How did the company initially address the problematic situation?
Did the employee suffer any retaliation for actions taken to publish the information?