British Airways digital marketing evaluation with web analytics

A PDF of a dashboard is included in the files. Please use 5 of the indicators in the analysis section and use them to provide insights. Include the dashboard in appendix. The dashboard is generated by using the excel dataset.

Follow the structure!
Focus on evaluating the pay per click model!
Additional excel file is included for data if needed.

For this assessment, you should consider yourself working as a consulting marketing analyst invited to evaluate the digital marketing
approach of British Airways in 2019. You are invited to present insights to help the company improve the existing marketing strategy.
Based on your analysis, you will need to report your evaluation of the Paid per click activity with the purpose to offer ideas for
improvement and optimization of this method.

Required Structure

Introduction: Presentation of the micro-environment for British Airways, short analysis of the digital marketing strategy, aspects that
ask for improvement or support the Pay per click (PPC) model of the digital communication strategy. You can synthesize any model of
analysis as a visual and present it in the Appendix to the report.

Analysis: Based on an analysis conducted on the dataset, reflect on the main key indicators that you select and present your insight.
Design a dashboard for the selected indicators and include it in the Appendix.

Recommendations: Based on the previous sections, propose 3 ideas for improvement, 1 for each of the following areas of activity:
A. Costumer acquisition: how to attract more customers by improving the communication techniques to the targeted
B. Optimization: how to increase contribution and profitability through the optimization of the current customer
base and how to develop the existing customer spend,
C. Customer retention: how to keep more customers coming back more often (boosting the retention rate).
All these recommendations should use corresponding justification from a wide range of materials which can include marketing-related
journals, industry reports, academic journals and other reliable sources of information.

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