book project



Based on your assumptions of the book (i.e. how the novel was pitched in class, the design of the book cover, the description of the book, etc.), give your first impressions and ideas regarding the quality and the context of the story itself. Some questions to consider: Why did you pick this book for this project? Is this something that you would normally read? Why or why not? What do you think will happen in the book? Overall, do you think you will like it? This answer needs to be at least 200 words.


As you read the novel, mark ten passages (a sentence to a few sentences) that stand out to you. This could be for any reason (i.e. revealing of characterization, a moving line of dialogue, a brilliant description, a unique thought or idea, etc.). Write the ten passages below along with at least one sentence that discusses your reasoning for each choice.


Choose one character that had some sort of transformation in the story. Reflect on the characters arc and how they changed by the end, even if it is subtle. Write at least 200 words that explain how the character began the story, what changed by the end, and what events in the story itself forced the character to change. Consider attitudes, relationships, physical descriptions, and situations.

Based on your reading experience, select on theme that you found in this novel. Keep in mind that themes are usually layered and complicated, so try to find a meaning that goes beyond the obvious. For example, if the idea of grief is portrayed, consider what kind of grief, how the character coped, what was beneficial to them in the process, etc. If the idea of love is portrayed, consider what kind of love, what happened to the love in the story, what prevailed, etc. Write at least 200 words about theme you identified in the novel, along with an explanation of at least one event from the story that revealed this theme to you.

Reflect on your final thoughts in at 200 words. Overall, did you enjoy the novel? Why or why not? Did this change your experience regarding contemporary literature in any way? Will you continue reading on your own? What genres are you interested in and why do those topics appeal to you? (Note: Each question does not need to be answered individually for this answer. Instead, use the questions as a guide for your reflection and see where it takes you.)

make sure to do each section individually and keep it sectioned out how it is. the book is Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice