Body Image Worksheet

Click on arrow to download the Body Image Worsheet. Find the file in your downloads, enable editing and complete the worksheet. Even if you scored a 0 or 1 and have phenomenal Body Image, be creative and (based on the article) answer the questions so you can earn full points. Keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to change your body, particularly if that relates to improving health, fitness, optimizing your potential, etc., and you should absolutely want to have an great body image! Read the rest of the article answer the following questions (either at the end of the worksheet or in a separate document):

*Please use colored text or highlight your responses in worksheets; it’s much easier for me to read!

According to the assessment, how healthy is your current Body Image?
Describe several influences that make it difficult for you to have a positive, healthy body image.
Can you think of influences that help you overcome negative influences, and feel better about your body?
Describe two or more strategies you could use to improve your body image (or that of someone else, if yours is very healthy).
I’m looking for thoughtful responses that demonstrate you read the article and spent some time composing your answers. One-sentence responses do not earn as much credit as insightful ones which demonstrate you put thought and effort into this assignment.