Assignment 4b: Empirical Unknowns Discussion

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Assignment 4b: Empirical Unknowns Discussion
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Empirical Unknowns are a critical part of the evaluative research process. Understanding what they are and how to identify them is an important part of the process of writing your dissertation. Having identified what we already know about the topic (i.e., what already is known within the community of ministry scholarship, and thus by the well qualified ministry researcher), the task becomes to identify and obtain that information which still is lacking–what we need to know. Experimental research deals with hypotheses, but descriptive and evaluative research is pursued best by identifying and addressing empirical un- knowns.

What are the Empirical Unknowns you have identified for your study? Discuss the process used to identify them.

Initial post due by Saturday, Week Seven. Write a 300-word post discussing Empirical Unknows. Be sure to include information from your reading and cite it appropriately.

Reply due by Saturday, Week Eight. After reading the posts of all your fellow students, reply to two fellow students with a minimum 200-word post giving them feedback on their discussion. Feel free to ask questions regarding the information they share.

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