Words: 460
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

Although the steps in the consumer decision process as remained consistent over time, the increase in smartphones/laptops has Influenced how we go through step-by-step. Please review an article on “Influencer Marketing” and discuss how it has evolved over the years in different category segments.

The article can be from any professional online business/marketing source. Do not use Wikipedia or other source which is edited by the public – these sources are not appropriate for serious graduate-level work. The article does not have to be from an academic Journal, but it does have to come from a business publication such as Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Money magazine, Advertising Age or any other respected publication.

Name of the Article
Name of the source and include the Website’s address (URL) so the Instructor can look at the article
Author and Date of the article (must be less than one year old)
Approximately 50% of the paper content should be article summary
Approximately 50% of the paper content shoucixld be how it applies to this class