Archival Paper Proposal on The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Abe Sapien, Shape of Water

The idea of this paper is to analyze what additional details were added to the movie monster The Gill Man from the classic movie the Creature from the Black Lagoon. There have been multiple sequels as well as renditions of the movie monster like in the movie Shape of Water and in the movie/comic books of Hellboy (Abe sapien). I’ve already made a draft of what the paper should ideally look like, but I feel like the summary and analysis of the monster from the shape of water and are Sapien can be talked about at least in two more additional paragraphs. Also, I have yet to provide the thesis to the introduction and conclusion as well, although, I feel like the thesis can be that in today’s time the monster is less fearful and better understood, and is used to make commentary on the parallels our political, cultural, and social aspects. Additional sources will be provided in order to further this argument with the materials section. As for Abe Sapien you will be able to find much information abocixut him in this website provided:

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