Animal Assisted Therapy

Research and complete a comprehensive individual grant proposal. This assignment should be 5-7 pages in length and should include the following information. (Note this is an academic exercise and does not have to be submitted on an actual formal grant application. It should follow APA formatting.)
Identify a piece of equipment, or a program that your law enforcement agency would benefit from.

Identify and document the need, outline what you hope to achieve by having this program or equipment.

Be specific about what you hope to accomplish if the grant was funded. Identify any partners or Coalitions that might strengthen your proposal or the project.

Include your evaluation plan (how you will determine if you met the program objectives).

Your budget for the program or equipment

Identify how do you hope to sustain the grant when the grant funds run out.

***** Please use Animal Assisted therapy for the Vacaville Police Department. I have already completed the power point presentation for this project. Please copy the information provided in the power point presentation I have provided.

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