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Discussion 2 PICO Questions – Andromeda
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Have you ever thought, “If only I could change ….(insert problem here)… on my unit! The process would be better and patients would have better outcomes!” This is how nursing research gets started. PICO questions (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) help to form the basis of research questions and researchers at every level all have to start somewhere. Most start by developing a PICO question.

This week, we are learning about and developing our own PICO questions. Read the chapter in your text and read the Stillwell et al (2010) article (full citation is on the Module 2 content page and you will need to retrieve this from the UCF Library) to help you understand what a PICO question is. Please remember that these need to be nursing related. Please do not post a question about hand-washing or infection control. Those questions are well researched and have already been answered. Pick something that you are curious about from your own nursing clinical experience or practice. The best PICO questions are the ones that are meaningful to you and your practice.

Initial Post
State your PICO question, identifying each component (Example: In pediatric patients with asthma (P), does attending asthma camp (I) improve hospitalization rates (O). Note that the C = comparison is implied to be “not attending asthma camp.”)
Why is this relevant to nursing practice (how does this benefit your population)?
You may use your textbook and/or the PICO article as citations for this week
Critique the PICO questions of the peers in your small group and provide input and guidance. One reply is required. In your reply, answer the following:

Does the PICO question contain all necessary components?
Is the PICO question relevant to nursing?
ORIGINAL POSTS ARE DUE THURSDAYS AT 11:59PM; REPLIES ARE DUE SUNDAYS AT 11:59PM. Please see rubric (use drop-down menu in top right corner) for specific grading criteria for all discussion posts this semester.

Looking ahead
In this course, for your Research Synthesis Final Project, you will need a PICO question. You may use this question, or your interests may change during the course and you may find a new topic. Either way, this skill of developing a PICO question will be useful to you.

If you are an RN to BSN/MSN or Concurrent student, remember that you will need to do a practice change project for your final Practicum. Think ahead! You might want to create a PICO question that could be used later for this project. This will save you time later since you will already have research on the topic!

More info on the practicum project: This project is one that you will complete independently in your final semester. You will need to find something that needs to be improved upon, either in the community or in the hospital setting, and then discuss how you can make that improvement. An example within the community is one student’s project where the student noticed that there were no bus stops outside a community health center and the student wrote to county officials to make the change (if you were to relate that project to this class, you could write about barriers to care/accessing care). One additional example from within the hospital setting might be educating nurses to prevent catheter associated UTI’s.

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