Analysis of Psychotherapy

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The file below is a transcript of a Psychiatric evaluation(Analysis of Psychotherapy) I had with a patient in which you are to write a 1-2 sentence analysis for each 25 transcript questions. Using the Session Analysis Tool Exemplar file as a guide, you are to write a response on the ANALYSIS Part of EACH 25 questions. This Response should be similar to the analysis part shown in the the Session Analysis Tool Exemplar file and should include type of response and whether or not it was effective; if not effective, give an effective response to the Client's Response.
Each analysis shouldn't be longer than 2 sentences. Try to include psychotherapy skills when answering the analysis should as "Reflecting on clients feelings"

If you need any guild you can always refer to the chapter 8 starting in page 380 of 970 to 411 to 970 from the Textbook link is down below however you don't need references in this assignment just writing analysis for each question. TextBook Link: