Almur – Business Research Project (Group)

Business research project provides you with hands-on experience in each stage of a research process. You should have strong understanding of how much effort is required to conduct a scientific research inquiry. The project will be done by groups of 4-5 students. Your project should have a real-world application, if you do not have one in mind, we can identify an appropriate project. The group will be required to give a presentation of the proposal of your research project. The final report should include the following chapters:

1. Introduction
i. Summary in paragraph format of the topic you are proposing to research.
ii. Statement of the reasons you are proposing to study this topic.
iii. Specific goal(s) and objectives stated of the research project
iv. Identification of any secondary information/research that you believe may be helpful/relevant to the topics you are studying

2. Literature review
Related to the topical areas you expect to cover in the research.

3. Methodologyqualitative and quantitative methods, recommended sample frame and size, sample source. This section should include the survey instrument and moderator outline for focus group.

4. Analysis and results

5. Discussion and conclusions

The final project report must be typed (1.5 line spaced) MS Word, times new roman, 12 font size, 1 margin all sides and professionally presented to the class. The project should be around 15-20 pages including the findings, and the recommendations.

The findings of your research should also be presented in the class.

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