Advanced Routing Protocol Design


The next step in your advanced WAN Cisco-based infrastructure design is to follow up what you completed in week 3 (designing your routing protocols). In this assignment, you are to continue clarifying your selection criteria for all advanced WAN routing protocols (OSPF and EIGRP), and share why security can play a key role in selecting a specific routing protocol.


Part 1: Edge Routing Diagram
Create an advanced routing protocol design for the Cisco-based infrastructure and depict it on a diagram. It should include:

Hardware devices and their placement.
Identification, defining, designing, and deployment plan for an advanced routing protocol such as EIGRP and OSPF.

Part 2: Design Analysis and Implementation Plan
Complete the following:

Write an analysis of your advanced routing protocol design. Provide appropriate rationale for the chosen topology, hardware selection, and device placement.

Compare and contrast OSPF and EIGRP, explaining the role these protocols play within a network infrastructure.

Describe a brief high-level plan for the effective deployment of EIGRP and OSPF on the network.

Submission Instructions
Submit the following:

All fully completed lab reports that document the specified configuration of Cisco devices.

A well-labeled and organized Word document with:
A description of how the lab activities supported your assignment work.

Your design diagram (pasted into the document).
Design analysis and implementation plan.

Your work should be professionally written and free of errorcixs, and use current APA formatting.

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