Adultification of Students of Color

Write an essay (at least 600 words) on the social issue of Adultification of Students of Color, especially in schools. The sources are provided below. Include woks cited page.

Intro: Introduce the issue and give a thesis statement summarizing the paper.

Body: Discuss and analyze how the social problem of adultification of students of color is presented in a) the movie you chose, b) in the news, and
c) in the scholarly journal articles.

Conclusion: Compare the sources and summarize your arguments and discuss the importance of talking about this social issue.

Sources to use:
1. Scholarly Article: Burton 2007 Childhood Adultification in Economically Disadvantaged Families: A Conceptual Model

2. Scholarly Article: Cooke and Halberstadt 2021 Adultification, Anger Bias, and Adults Different Perceptions of Black and White Children

3. Newspaper article:

4. Movie: Tillman, George, Jr. 2018. The Hate U Give. United States: Twentieth Century Fox.