532 Pamplet/handout

Each group will identify an infectious disease research topic of their own choosing (choose a vector borne disease please), and prepare a presentation, paper, and handout outlining the rationale and the study design for a research study, that the team creates, and that is designed to answer a specific research question. Groups will prepare an answer to the question in which they attempt to find specific evidence to support an answer to the question. This project will entail multiple components

Write a proposal for how to conduct research in order to attempt to answer a research question.
Identify sources of original data or declare that there are no data that would help you to answer this research question.
Write a 5-10-page research paper outlining the rational and study design proposed.
Present a 15-20-minute presentation outlining the research question, proposed study design, and any data discovered that helps to address the research question
Create a handout/pamphlet that outlines the answer to the question, presents some data (if available), and explains a rationale for their response.
Utilize at least 5 peer-reviewed references to address the question.