1.4 – Blog: Data Mining

The blog is described by the following qualities:

Written from a personal viewpoint, often in the first-person

Social, offering visitors the ability to comment and containing links to blogs and sites on similar topics

A collaborative space to conduct specific tasks

Note: You are required to create 2 new blog entries here per week

Note: Data Mining Paper by Halawi, Aronson, and McCarthy is the attached PDF.

Note: Make two separate blog posts for this paper.

Based on the Halawi, Aronson, and McCarthy reading, research and create a blog entry presenting your findings on the following theme:
What are the newest methods for knowledge discovery, data mining, and analytics? How they are used? What industries are they used in? What types of problems do they solve?

Keep the following in mind:

Notice, this paper goes back to 2005 – at that time the field was somewhat new and not developed.
You are required to update this topic. In the update, you may delete, add, and modify any content based on your update.
Your version should reflect current resources (within the past 5 years), recent developments, examples pertaining to all forms of predictive models and data mining techniques, and, finally, recommendations for practitioners and researchers.

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